Portfolio update part 1

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It has been a while since our last update but we have been quite busy. We’ve just added a few works to our portfolio and more work are on their way (either waiting to be added or in the last steps to be released to the public). Check it out and come back soon!

Serve the City Brussels

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It’s still January so we can still wish everyone a Happy New Year. In the mean time, we have just launched the new website for Serve the City Brussels. Some other Serve the City websites are in the process of being updated as well. Enjoy. Serve the City.

The new website is out!

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As you can see (if you are reading this), we just released our new website. It’s cleaner, more responsive, using more of the modern technologies and mainly showing more of our work!

Enjoy the tour!

Under (re)construction

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A little update to let you know that, in our spare time, we’re working on the new version of this site. We can’t give you any release date as spare time is not something that is common on the streets these days, but we’re working on it.

Busy like a bee

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As usual, we haven’t had much chance to update the website as we have been working non stop for the last few months. Between Serve the City, Pierres d’Avenir, YWAM Brussels and Progressif Media, our hands are full and the queue of projects is growing. Hopefully we’ll have some time to add some images to the portfolio.

Longpra and AM

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We have just released a mobile version of the website for Chateau de Longpra. You can check it out with your smartphone here.

Also, we are currently adding the final touches to the website for Atelier AM Architecte, and are hoping to finalize the design for STC’s 2013 Big Volunteer Week this week.


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Just a little message to let you know that we have updated our portfolio with some of our latest work. Be sure to take a look.

Overdue update

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Good evening! After months of silence, it is time to break the silence. Yes, we are still in business. We have a bunch of different projects to add to our portfolio, including the global charter of conscience design and publications for Eurodiaconia and for Serve the City.

We’re hoping to update the website soon. In the mean time, check us on Facebook and Twitter


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Long time no see! Well, there are a bunch of things that happened since the last update. We have completed the logo for De Bazuin, have been working on the annual report for Eurodiaconia and according to their saying, it never looked so good and the numbers never looked so attractive. We have also worked on the visual identity and print communication for the EEA (European Evangelical Alliance) for an event they are launching pretty soon and we are pretty excited about it. And right now, we are working some design for Theospace, some web stuff for EU-CORD and a visit on mobile devices for one of Pierres d’Avenir’s client. Needless to say nights are short.

Little inconvenience

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Sorry for the little down time with the website. Some parameter has been changed on the server side that made one plugin not working. We are back online now.